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The work of sharing the good news with our communities, our churches, and our families does not happen without a sacrifice. However, Glad Tidings does not accept tithe.  It is not a church.  Yet it is a Church supporting ministry.  We believe all tithe should be given to the storehouse (Church) to support the work of the ministry.  We accept ONLY freewill offerings above and beyond your tithe and regular offerings which should be received by your local church.

This ministry's daily operations are funded primarily by the donations and gifts over and above contributions to the local churches, which are received from contributors who have been blessed by this ministry and led by the Holy Spirit to offer financial support. The books and other materials that are sold through our office in Berrien Springs, Michigan, contribute 15 to 25% toward our operating expenses.

The majority of our overseas orders are paid out of the fund of freewill donations and gifts received. Our prison ministry is funded in the same manner. The quarterly Glad Tidings magazine is financed not by subscription income, but, rather, by donations as well. Our magazine is a free tool for sharing and witnessing with others.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to assist us in reaching the world for Christ through evangelism, please call our toll free number: (866) 954-4523.